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Breast Augmentation


One of our most popular treatments is breast augmentation. With modern breast implants, you may give your breasts more volume and fullness while maintaining a beautiful, natural-looking appearance. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have conducted hundreds of successful breast augmentation procedures, and they realize that each woman chooses breast augmentation for reasons that are unique to her.

  • Increase breast size 
  • Achieve a more proportionate breast size 
  • Correct asymmetry 
  • Improve overall shape and contour 


Recovery from Breast Augmentation and Its Outcomes


After their breast augmentation surgery, patients commonly suffer minor swelling, bruising, or temporary numbness; however, any post-operative discomfort may be handled with oral pain medication. Most patients may return to work and their usual daily activities within three to seven days after surgery because our surgeons take great care to minimize tissue stress. As a result, our doctors advise that you refrain from doing any hard exercise for at least two to three weeks. As the implants settle into their ultimate place during the healing phase, you should see the outcomes of your breast augmentation improve.