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Hair Transplant in Women


After menopause, one out of every five women, according to some experts, may have some degree of hair loss, which is mainly caused by aging, disease, or hormonal changes. Women's hair loss is more modest than men's, with thinning occurring all over the scalp rather than in spots. Some ladies prefer to use a wig or hair extensions to cover up the problem. Others have had some success using a prescription medicine that is applied topically. In other people, the efficacy of such medications varies, and they only prevent additional hair loss without promoting any significant new growth. For people who are unhappy with any of these solutions, hair transplant surgery may be the solution.


Because mini-grafts are commonly used to fill up thinning regions, suitable candidates for this technique should have dense hair growth toward the back of the head. To generate a fuller appearance, mini-grafts are removed from this thick region and transplanted in thinning areas. If the patient is deemed a suitable candidate, flap and tissue expansion treatments may be employed on occasion.