Becoming one of the places mostly preferred for hair transplantation with its rapid developments in the health sector, its infrastructure and economic treatments, Turkey ensures numerous people to be satisfied. As well as the years-long experiences, the technologies increase the success rate in hair transplantation.

Being demanded for health tourism, it is inevitable to ask questions about whether Turkey is safe for the treatment during the pandemic period. The pandemic period when the health-related concerns are in the highest level should be evaluated in terms of infection risks. For hair transplantation and other operations, it is the most correct solution to go through the places where the necessary precautions are taken.

What Precautions Should Be Taken?

The people who are afraid of being infected but also desire to have a better hair appearance should undergo operation in places where the necessary precautions are taken. These precautions are as follows:

  • Social distance rules should be followed,
  • The necessary hygiene rules for each operation should be followed,
  • Covid-19 tests should be performed before operations,
  • It is necessary to establish the necessary disinfection routines,
  • It is necessary to wear protective clothes in addition to gloves and masks to prevent the infection.

Taking such precautions also ensures the people who want to have hair transplantation to get the result they want without harming their health.

Post-Hair Transplantation Points to Consider  

It is not necessary to take any additional action apart from taking the necessary precautions against Covid-19 during the procedures. Procedure is performed in accordance with the normal operation and treatment calendar. By remote follow-ups and controls, it is ensured to carry out the treatment regardless of the location. Therefore, going through pandemic period should be interpreted as change in this regard.

Is The Pandemic Period The Right Time For Hair Transplantation?

The pandemic period has caused the whole world to close to their homes, work remotely and face with many restrictions; however, it can provide the opportunity you are looking for for your hair transplantation and other treatments. You can complete your treatment without requiring to take time off or to be seen by others. At the end of the procedure, you might notice that your self-confidence is also renewed and you feel better. It will be a nice way to get away from the negative atmosphere created by the pandemic.

Are There Any People Who Undergo Hair Transplantation During The Pandemic Period?

Despite of the health-related concerns, there has been a dramatic increase in aesthetics as a result of the fact that people can spend time for themselves, which they could not for a long time. Causing people to spend too much time with mirrors, virus has highlighted the aesthetic concerns of people, which resulted in a dramatic increase in the demands for aesthetic operations, especially hair transplantation. Furthermore, there are studies showing that the mostly demanded operation is the hair transplantation.

How Is The Relationship Between Quarantine And Hair Transplant?

Those who want to visit Turkey for hair transplantation from other countries may have questions about the quarantine period in Turkey. This process which is applied as a standard step in many other countries as well means that you will rest at home for the time that will allow your hair to be better after the transplantation procedure. Therefore, for those who want to turn pandemic into an opportunity, it is very appropriate decision to undergo a hair transplantation. It should be known that procedures performed in compliance with the health and hygiene rules will not bear any harm.

What is Important in Choosing a Center?

For those who have questions in their minds, it might be the correct way to be  meticulous when choosing a center. It is necessary to contact the center to be informed about the precautions taken and to ask for examples of the operation in order to see how much the rules are followed. At the same time, it is mandatory for center to comply with the legal obligations and hygiene precautions.  In order to not face with legal proceedings and high prices, they have to be careful in taking precautions in this sense. And, it is possible to undergo hair transplantation easily by checking the compliance with the rules.