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Root Canal Treatment


Pain, discomfort, gum swelling, and tooth sensitivity are all signs of a root canal. Even though all of these signs point to you being a good candidate, only your root canal specialist can fully analyze your needs. Deep decay, a fractured tooth, or trauma can all lead to these problems. Are you still concerned about the operation? Allow us to cleanse your head: When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, inflamed, or dies, a root canal operation is performed.

A root canal is performed by making a tiny access incision in the tooth (after obtaining dental anaesthetic) and cleaning and shaping the small, thin canal(s) of the tooth with small, thin, sterile devices called endodontic files. Following the cleaning and shaping of the canal(s), a biocompatible substance known as gutta percha is inserted into the canal(s) with a particular adhesive cement to ensure that no more germs or debris enter the channel (s). Your dentist will assess if a post and crown are necessary to repair the tooth once the root canal operation is completed.