Things You Should Know Before A Tummy Tuck


An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen which also tightens muscles. Many of us want to have a flat, well-toned abdomen and work out or eat healthy to achieve it. But unfortunately, we can’t always achieve our goal by working out.


Who can consider a tummy tuck surgery?

-If you are physically healthy,

-If you have a stable weight,

-If you’ve had several pregnancies,

-If you were obese once and still have excessive fat deposits or loose skin in the abdominal area,

-If you have realistic expectations,

-If you are a nonsmoker,

-If you don’t like the appearance of your abdomen.


Who shouldn’t consider a tummy tuck surgery?

-If you plan to get pregnant then you may want to have the surgery after you’re done with having children

-If you plan to lose weight. A tummy tuck should be the last option after you’ve tried everything else. It isn’t an alternative to weight loss.

-If you don’t want to have a permanent scar on your abdomen. But our surgeons will talk to you about scar placement and length.


Be patient!

Don’t forget that tummy tuck is a major operation and it will take weeks to heal. It is totally understandable to be excited about your new look after the surgery but always remember nobody looks like their before/after photos right after the surgery. Feeling fatigued, swollen, and sore is normal during the first three weeks. It is also normal for your scar to look red. But being patient and focusing on your healing process will help you the most.


Take it easy.

Don’t expect to jump right back to your routine after a tummy tuck. You shouldn’t do house cleaning, child care, working out and other physical activities. You will need help for the first two weeks after the surgery. Many patients can go back to their jobs that don’t require much physical work within 2 weeks but if your job requires physical work, you should avoid it until your surgeon tells you it’s okay to work.


Surgical drains are expected.

After surgery, you might need drains to draw out excess fluid that gathers in the space between the muscle and overlying tissues. But it’s temporary and it doesn’t hurt at all. Drains also make your recovery easy. They just need attention and care which is not hard, your surgeon will show you how to take care of your drains. The drains are removed in seven to ten days, however, you may need to use the drains for 2 weeks or longer.


Stabilize your weight before a tummy tuck.

Don’t think a tummy tuck is a replacement for weight loss. You should be close to your aspired weight for six to twelve months before the surgery.


Get rid of your stretch marks, scars, or unwanted tattoos.

Since the abdominal skin is pulled downward, it is possible to get rid of scars, stretch marks, or tattoos on the area, they often can be removed during the procedure.


It takes a year to fully heal.

As we talked about before, you have to be patient and wait for the result you expect to have. The result will start to show in four to six weeks. It is important to know that numbness around the abdomen area is temporary. You will feel healed after a few months but it can take a year to fully heal and see the full result of the surgery.


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