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Femto Laser


Femto lasers are a flexible medical device that can help people live longer and see more clearly. Cataracts, farsightedness (hyperopia), nearsightedness (myopia), and astigmatism may all be treated using femto laser surgery, which has an almost 100 percent success rate.


What Is A Femto Laser?

Femto lasers, also known as femtosecond lasers, are lasers that emit brief bursts of light.

The intervals between bursts are so short that they are measured in femtoseconds.

Femto lasers' lightning-fast functioning provides precision and safety in laser eye surgery. 

Femto Lasers For Cataract Surgery


Femto lasers give ophthalmologists with surgical access to the cornea with greater accuracy and safety. The use of femto lasers for cataract surgery is widely known, having been used for more than a decade. Cataracts have been effectively removed from the eye using femto lasers. Other types of cataract surgery are less accurate and reliable than femto lasers.


If you have problematic cataracts, contact us to set up an appointment to see if cataract surgery with femto lasers is right for you.


Use of Femto Lasers In LASIK Eye Surgery


Femto lasers are widely used in conjunction with LASIK eye surgery. For enhanced precision, femto lasers are employed in LASIK eye procedures. The use of femto lasers in LASIK eye surgery, when combined with a more precise process, can help eliminate some issues, increasing the treatment's safety.


How Our Eye Surgeons Can Help


Femto lasers are a cutting-edge medical device. Femto lasers, on the other hand, might produce issues if not handled properly. Some of Europe's leading ophthalmologists are among our team of seasoned surgeons. Our surgeons have years of expertise using femto lasers as a vital element of their procedures.


Discover the difference femto laser eye surgery can make; contact us today for an appointment.