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FUT Hair Transplant


 Our doctors take a piece of hair-bearing skin from the back of the head and dissects the follicles separately during FUT hair transplantation. These follicles are subsequently implanted into the patient's balding areas of the scalp. Patients with extensive hair loss who wish to cover a considerable section of their scalp might consider the FUT method. Despite the fact that alternative hair transplantation procedures are less intrusive, a FUT hair transplant is preferred for individuals with more severe baldness since it generates more grafts in less time.

How Long Does Fut Hair Transplantation Take?

This surgery, often known as the "strip" approach, involves taking strips of follicles from the donor site, generating grafts of 1-4 hairs, and then micro-incisionally inserting them across the hairline. To close the gaps in the donor area, sutures are used. The transplanted follicles then go into the Telogen (resting) phase, although they can quickly return to their regular Anagen (growth) phase and continue to develop like normal hair. FUT takes between 2 and 6 hours to complete.