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Vaser Liposuction


VASERlipo®, like the other types of energy-assisted liposuction (Smartlipo and BodyTite), combines standard liposuction with an energy source to improve liposuction results. The term "Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance" stands for "vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance." The links between fat cells are disrupted by this modern technology, which employs intense ultrasound (sound waves). A tiny tube is used to liquefy fatty tissue under the skin's surface and then suck it out of the body (cannula). Due to the fact that VASERlipo® loosens fat cells from connective tissue, resistant fat may be eliminated more efficiently during treatment. Furthermore, ultrasonic energy produces heat, which can cause skin tightening. VASER liposuction is a good option for those who have persistent fat deposits or want to tighten their skin to show off their underlying muscle tone.

Adevntages of VASERlipo® at our clinic:


When compared to standard liposuction, the skin contraction is better.


Increases the effectiveness of subsequent liposuction and gynecomastia reduction operations.


The VASER ultrasound treatment selectively targets fat cells for energy deposition, whereas blood arteries are largely unaffected.


Our surgeons have a lot of experience with addressing paradoxical hyperplasia following CoolSculpting, and VASER liposuction can help a lot with that. 


Our physicians can work on a variety of bodily parts. The removal of fat from surrounding significant muscle groups gives your physique a more defined appearance.

The following are some of the locations that will be treated:

  1.  Arms
  2.   Chest
  3.   Chin and neck
  4.   Upper back
  5.   Waistline and stomach
  6.   Hips and thighs
  7.   Buttocks


Now is the time to concentrate on your recuperation. Your doctor would probably advise you to start walking right after VASERlipo®, but you should avoid strenuous activity and activities for at least two weeks. In most situations, light workouts can be resumed 5 days after the operation. Following the treatment, most patients are off of work for only two days (sometimes a weekend!). While you may see a difference in just 1-2 weeks, the ultimate benefits will usually be noticeable in three to six months.