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Vaginal Aesthetics


Experience More Sensation with VAGINOPLASTY


Vaginal laxity is treated by vaginaloplasty. Vaginoplasty is a female genital surgery technique that tightens the vaginal muscles and soft tissues.

schematic of vaginoplasty


The vaginal wall is stretched after childbirth and does not recover to its former diameter. The patient may experience decreased feelings of friction and a lack of sexual satisfaction as a result of this illness. The more vaginal deliveries a woman has, the worse the issue becomes. During intercourse, many women will complain of diminished sensation and sexual satisfaction. Increased friction during intercourse is a common side effect of our operation, and it often improves sexual enjoyment.


Many women are born with labia that are big or irregular. Others have this illness after having a kid or as they get older. The look of swollen labia can create humiliation or a loss of self-esteem in a sexual partner. Some women simply desire to appear "prettier" than the women they see in publications and movies. Women who wear tight clothing are more likely to suffer chronic labial irritation. Sex, sports, and other physical activities can all cause discomfort. Labiaplasty surgery improves the cosmetic look of the outer vaginal wall, giving many women more confidence and self-esteem. Women who have inflamed and sore labia will typically benefit from surgery.


A New You Through Vaginal Rejuvenation:

Changes in women can occur as a result of pregnancy, hormonal changes, and age. Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty are used together in Vaginal Rejuvenation.




Hymenoplasty, often known as hymen repair, is a procedure for repairing a damaged hymen. Repairing a torn hymen can be done for a variety of reasons, including religious or cultural compliance.

Before and after pictures of hymenoplasty


Hymenoplasty, or hymen rebuilding, is becoming increasingly popular among women for a variety of reasons. The surgical repair of the hymen, a membrane that partially seals the vaginal opening, is known as hymenoplasty. An intact hymen is usually seen as a sign of virginity in many cultures and faiths.


The hymen can be ripped or ruptured for reasons other than intercourse, such as strenuous activity or tampon insertion. Many women desire their hymen repaired in such circumstances, which can be done by a Hymenoplasty.




Clitoral hood reduction is a cosmetic operation that reduces the size and area of the clitoral hood, allowing more of the clitoris to be visible. The purpose of this surgery is to improve a woman's overall sexual health by boosting sexual pleasure and improving the visual appearance of the vulva.


MonaLisa Vaginal Health MonaLisa Vaginal Health MonaLisa Vaginal Health Mona


Do you have dryness, burning, or painful intercourse in your vaginal area?


This laser treatment rejuvenates the cells in the vaginal tissue, causing them to produce more collagen, which is an important component of vaginal cell health.

Monalisa Touch procedure diagram RealSelf headline graphic


The MonaLisa Touch cosmetic laser surgery is used to cure vaginal atrophy, and it can help women recover from genital atrophy and get complete relief from the symptoms they experience on a daily basis.


The laser is one of the most modern vaginal photorejuvenation treatments available for treating the most bothersome symptoms of vaginal atrophy, such as vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.


Although the process requires three treatments over a 12-week period, results can be seen from the first session.

No Downtime – Quick Recovery

Individual procedures take around 15-20 minutes to complete.

To relieve vulvar itching, burning, and dryness, apply to both the Labia and the Vulva.

Risks and adverse effects are kept to a minimum.